Beacons of the Past: Chilterns Hillforts - Meet and Greets

14th July 2018
10am-12noon or 3-5pm, depending on location

We are delighted to invite you to our first events of the Chilterns Conservation Board Beacons of the Past Project!

The Project

Beacons of the Past is a 3.5 year, part Heritage Lottery Funded project investigating the Hillforts and other prehistoric archaeology of the Chilterns AONB. We will be utilising a technique called LiDAR, using a plane-flown laser to build up a highly accurate model of the Chilterns Landscape, showing us all the humps and bumps of archaeological sites, even underneath woodland. Our aims are to learn a great deal more about the hillforts of the region, to offer loads of activities and training to the public, and to facilitate increased protection for these monuments going forwards.

Getting involved

Throughout the project there will be numerous ways that everyone can get involved. This will range from volunteer days conducting archaeological and ecological works at sites around the AONB, workshops on a range of archaeological and technical topics so you can pick up some new skills, and, most excitingly of all, we will be making our LiDAR available through an online portal so you can help us discover and map new archaeological sites, and then get out into the field to check them in person.

Meet and Greets

All of these activities are a little bit down the line, but our very first events of the project are just around the corner. We will be holding four “Meet and Greet” sessions, at different locations in the region. These will allow us to tell you a bit more about our project, and you can come and ask Wendy Morrison, the Project Manager, and myself, Ed Peveler, the Landscape Heritage Officer, any questions that you might have. There will also be tea and cake, and plenty of time for mingling.

The dates and locations are shown in the attached photo.

It would be really helpful if we could have an idea of numbers for catering and set up purposes, so if you are able to come to an event, please do let me know (and which one) with an email to

schedule 14-15 july 2018
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