British Dinosaurs: from fossils to feathers


Natural History Museum
HP23 6AP
20th June 2019
Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00, Sunday 14.00-17.00
Every Day

A new free exhibition at the Natural History Museum at Tring will explore the dinosaurs of the British Isles, encouraging children to learn about the ancient reptiles that once roamed on their doorstep.  Come face-to-face with awe-inspiring exhibits such as the cast of a Baryonyx walkeri skull and explore the Museum galleries to visit its modern-day descendants.

Ever since Richard Owen, the founder of the Natural History Museum, gave dinosaurs their name Britain has been the home of dinosaur studies. British Dinosaurs will feature some of the most recent research into dinosaurs whilst displaying some of the most interesting British finds.

With 15 specimens representing eight species on display, including a complete Hypsilophodon, you will discover the diversity of the dinosaurs that called Britain their home. Children will be able to traverse the British Isles, through a giant map displayed on the floor of the exhibition to discover if they had a prehistoric neighbour!

Find out how you measure up against one of the first dinosaurs discovered, the Iguanodon, by comparing your height to a specially installed femur and tibia. Then compare your teeth against the real teeth of a Megalosaurus bucklandii found in Oxfordshire.

Once you have explored the exhibition, you can continue your dinosaur adventure in the Museum galleries. Among the wild wonders on display you will find the modern dinosaurs: birds. Spot the differences between the feathers of flying and non-flying birds, find the iguana skeleton and compare its teeth to those of the Iguanodon and touch real reptile skin to see how it might have felt to stroke a dinosaur!

The Natural History Museum at Tring will also be holding special dinosaur-themed events throughout the exhibition run, so keep your eyes peeled and check the website for activities. Aimed at families and children of all ages, this exhibition will show you just how wild Britain was and provide a ‘roarsome’ time for all the family to enjoy! 

Dates and times:  April 5 – 11 October, Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00      Sunday 14.00-17.00

Admission:   Free

Visitor enquiries:  020 7942 6171


Twitter:   @NHM_Tring #BritishDinosaurs 

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