January 2019

The next step for Aylesbury Youth Concern

  |  Published: Jan 31st 2019
Wendover Business owners organised a walk on Sunday 6 January to raise money for The Next Step project from Aylesbury Youth Concern.

How Has Healthcare in Bucks Performed So Far This Winter?

  |  Published: Jan 30th 2019
With the Christmas and New Year season well and truly over, Bucks health leaders are taking a look at how well our health services have coped so far and what we should be doing in preparation for the expected cold snap.

Who is Your 2019 Dignity Champion?

  |  Published: Jan 30th 2019
If you could publicly thank someone for the support they provided to you or a loved one who would that be…?

Bucks Council and 4X4 Volunteers Prepared For Snow

  |  Published: Jan 29th 2019
Well, the weather forecast this week is for snow and ice which may mean disruption to roads, schools and businesses, but what happens to housebound people who rely on essential care services when really heavy snowfall threatens remote road access?

Let's talk Tinnitus

  |  Published: Jan 28th 2019
As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week on 4th to 10th February, local audiology experts Aston Hearing are calling for greater awareness of the debilitating condition because of the isolation it causes for many sufferers.

Retiring or Retired? Think PROBUS

  |  Published: Jan 27th 2019
Probus is a nationwide organisation of independent clubs for retired or semi-retired professional and business people from all walks of life.
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