Chiltern Charity Ale brewed for Aylesbury Family trying to raise Funds for Daughter

Julian Dorling, Marketing Foods  |  Published: Mar 9th 2018

Sophie Edes is the 3 year-old grand-daughter of a retired member of The Chiltern Brewery team. Her daughter and son-in-law, Liz and Mark Edes, from Berryfields Aylesbury, were left devastated when Sophie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome; an illness which means she will be unlikely to ever speak or walk.

The Chiltern Brewery are very keen to help Sophie’s cause and what better than their annual charity beer to help raise awareness and much needed funds. Every pint of the new ale sold will raise 5p for the JustGiving campaign which will help the Edes family buy specialist eye-gaze equipment for Sophie and vastly improve the quality of all their lives.

They are also running a raffle at their brewery shop in Terrick to win one of their unique Head Brewer’s Hampers. At £1 per ticket they hope to raise further funds to help with the JustGiving campaign. As well as buying the charity beer, you can also support by spreading the word via @chilternbrewery social media channels with #SupportSophieEdes.


The Beer

Dark amber with a smooth roast malt taste and a citrussy aroma, the 4.2% vol ale uses the best Class A Maris Otter, Crystal and Roast Barley malts combined with Goldings, Fuggles and Cascade hops to produce a classic English best bitter that matches beautifully with a Ploughman’s lunch, chicken, pork, salads and stews. It is available from March 13th to the beginning of April, to Click & Collect online at and at their brewery shop in Terrick. You will also spot the beer on tap at many pubs in the area who will also be campaigning to #SupportSophieEdes.


Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome is a rare neurological disorder affecting mainly females and very few males. It is present from conception and usually remains undetected until major regression occurs at around one year of age, when children may lose acquired skills and become withdrawn. 

There is very little awareness of this disease and it is often only diagnosed in early childhood. Associated organisations are  and


About the Brewery

The Chiltern Brewery are a second-generation family business based in Terrick, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire and started brewing in 1980. George and Tom and their team take terrific inspiration from their beautiful rural surroundings and the geography and history of the county. A fox and beech tree feature on the company logo and beer names for their fine English Ales include John Hampden’s Golden Harvest Ale 4.8%, Beechwood Bitter 4.3% and Three Hundred’s Dark Old Ale 5.0%.

From inception the ethos at The Chiltern Brewery has been to brew natural, wholesome beers using 100% British ingredients - the best malt and hops with great provenance and to mirror age old brewing methods. Thirty eight years on The Chiltern Brewery remains the oldest independent brewery in Buckinghamshire and the Chiltern Hills.

Sophie and her mum
Sophie and her mum.
raffle prize
The raffle prize. Photo courtesy Chiltern Brewery/Marketing Foods.
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