Flowers of the Forest update 2018

  |  Published: Mar 11th 2018

For the original article detailing Halton's links to this project, please visit and view page 17 of the January 2016 edition.



The parent council at the school have commissioned three memorial books: one for the school archive; one for the project; and one for me.  

The material has also been put online. Just search Perth Academy, and on the homepage of the school website is an image of the school clock tower entitled Perth Academy War Memorial. Just click on that, and away you go. The introduction is missing at the moment, but the young people themselves will be adding something in their own words shortly.

It couldn’t have happened without the help of many, many people, and Perth Academy are grateful for the support offered by contributors of material and funds.

David Dykes

introduction pages
CM Stewart's page in the book
Family headstones, Perth Cemetery. All photos courtesy David Dykes.
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