1914-1918 Lest we forget

  |  Published: Sep 20th 2018

The Silent Soldier stands as a tribute to those who didn’t return home and to those whose lives would never be the same again.

 Companies, community groups and individuals can donate to receive a Silent Soldier to display, they can also choose to display their company name on the base of the silhouette and join the nation to remember our fallen heroes during 2018.

Buckinghamshire Poppy Appeal is inviting sponsors to get involved in the country wide Silent Soldier campaign. These Silent Soldier silhouettes will appear across the country as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of fighting.

Why a Silent Soldier?

Following the armistice in November 1918, demobilization and discharge was still a long process as the British Army still had commitments to fulfil in Germany, North Russia and in the garrisons of the Empire. On arrival back in England the men would move to a Dispersal Centre, this was a hutted or tented camp or barracks where they received a railway warrant or ticket to their home station. From there they were on their own, and would be seen across the country, walking back home, down the roads and across the fields, returning to their families. Most of the war service men were back in civilian life by the end of 1919.

Would you like to place a Silent Soldier on a roundabout, in a field, on a building? For more information, click here.

The First World War changed the world forever. If you would like to find out more, get involved and show your gratitude to a generation who fought for our freedom, please contact: Steve Kingsford, skingsford@britishlegion.org.uk, 01295 780716. Please remember to copy clerk@wendover-pc.gov.uk into your email as Wendover Parish Council needs to coordinate the placing of such a monument.

This article first appreared on page 19 of the April 2018 print edition of Wendover News.

Silent Soldier
Silent Soldier
Silent Soldier in Wendover Community Orchard
Silent Soldier installed in Wendover Community Orchard in July 2018
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