Operational Medal for Halton's Padre Richardson

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Mar 13th 2019

This week Padre (Wg Cdr) David Richardson received the Operational Service Medal for Op Shader. Padre Richardson was deployed on Op Shader between December 2015 and April 2016 during a very intensive period of operations against Daesh. He spent a significant amount of time travelling, mostly in Northern Iraq, with training teams supporting Iraqi and Peshmerga Forces, and as a result is the first UK Chaplain to qualify for the medal with clasp.

Padre Richardson was unable to attend the Honours & Awards ceremony recently held at RAF Halton so Station Commander, Group Captain Katherine Wilson, presented it to him in a private ceremony with Station Executives and Padre Richardson’s wife, Ruth in attendance. The Operational Service Medal, Iraq and Syria, is awarded to an individual who spends 30 days continuous of 45 aggregated service within the territorial boundaries of Iraq or Syria as part of Op Shader. 

Arriving on the Station in July 2015, he leaves to move onto RAF High Wycombe.

Padre Richardson with Station Commander Gp Captain Katherine Wilson
Padre Richardson with Station Commander Gp Captain Katherine Wilson
group photo
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