TfB make emergency repairs to large underground sinkhole in Marlow

  |  Published: May 17th 2018

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th May, Transport for Buckinghamshire made emergency repairs to a large underground void at the junction of Dean Street and Queen’s Road, Marlow.

Reports were made of a small opening in the road surface which, upon investigation, was revealed to be hiding a hole of several cubic feet, exposing water pipes.

The road was excavated to expose the full extent of the void, the hole was backfilled and the new road surface was laid.

County Councillor Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation, commented: “Well done to the TfB team who attended to this quickly – from the outset it did not look like a big drama, with some sources christening it ‘the world’s smallest sinkhole’, but it was a bit more serious than that.

"When sinkholes form, it’s fairly common for only a small crevice to be visible from ground level, but from the photos of Dean Street yesterday it is possible to see that the road was subtly caving in for several feet around the small hole, hinting at what was beneath – i.e. nothing!"

Mark continued: "Sinkholes aren’t common – I think the last one we saw was on Bourbon Street in Aylesbury last summer – but we need to take them seriously as they could pose a danger to road users.”

the sinkhole
A sinkhole on Dean Street Marlow, taken by resident and shared to Twitter
Repairs made by TfB to a sinkhole on Dean Street, Marlow
Repairs made by TfB to a sinkhole on Dean Street, Marlow
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