|  Published: Sep 21st 2018

The There But Not There (TBNT) project aims to Commemorate, Educate and Heal.

The project itself is the commemoration including a school education programme. Funds raised from the sale of the transparent silhouette Tommies will contribute directly to the work carried out by the six beneficiary charities:

  1. The Royal Foundation: Heads Together
  2. Walking with the Wounded
  3. Combat Stress
  4. Help for Heroes
  5. Project Equinox: Housing Veterans and Medical Students 
  6. Commonwealth War Graves Foundation

The Tommies and their commemorative packaging are made by the Royal British Legion Industries, appropriately, by ex-Service Veterans employed by RBLI. They are used to reflect on all that these brave soldiers did for us, a way for us to thank them even though they are gone, highlighting that they made great sacrifices, to show that when the time came for them to do their duty they did it. This will help give them the praise and recognition that they deserve.

The Amenities committee of Wendover Parish Council agreed to buy both a Silent Soldier (click here) and a TBNT silhouette. They are considering placing a TBNT silhouette on the War Memorial on the Manor Waste and a Silent Soldier in the Community Orchard in Rope Walk Meadow. This will allow everyone to see them and enjoy their presence. If any local business, organisation or individual would like to purchase a soldier please go to At the same time please notify or telephone 01296 623056, in order to find a regulated space for it.

Harry Evans

This article first appeared on page 16 of the April 2018 print edition of Wendover News

War Memorial
War Memorial on Manor Waste at the commercial centre of Wendover, photo by Harry Evans
There but not there
WPC silhouette
Wendover Parish Council's silhouette prior to installation.
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