Winter Tips for Indoor & Outdoor Training ‘off and on’ the Bike

Cat Booker  |  Published: Nov 3rd 2018

In the winter we make many adaptations and here Cat Booker Fitness lists some tips and tricks for training during the winter months with a particular focus on indoor cycling, cycling outdoors and training off a bike or running the trails that will help you move better and make you stronger.

At official SPINNING(R) Studio CBF in Wendover, all the classes are taught by well educated and experienced Spinning(R) coaches - including teaching the parameters of heart rate and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). If you have guidelines and goals, you can learn so much about your own body. There are heart rate straps for people to use during classes too!!

CBF’s tips:
1. A tight muscle is a weak muscle
2. Eat seasonal. It supports the environment and your body in colder times with the nutrients it needs.
3. Consider getting a functional assessment with a trainer. How you move and specific assessments can highlight movement patterns in the body that need improving through your own home training or with the trainer.
4. Training for your sport, postural needs, rehabilitation & current fitness level is key. Your body will change with training and adherence and progressive guidance makes this happen. Same training will plateau your systems.
5. Try new things for fun and stimulation BUT make sure it is geared to your current level of skill. Skills can be improved but certain movements are not for everyone. Work within your limits.
6. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is not the be all in achieving great results. We stress our bodies when we train at very high intensity and in Spinning(R) and or cardiovascular training this would only amount to about 10% of your training week. You need recovery.

“We specialise in training clients in functional training, specific strength and conditioning classes, Pilates and Spinning(R) Indoor Cycle and we have a passion for the outdoors to and so do our clients. We are thrilled to be partnering together with OTEC Bikes and have enjoyed outdoor training in and around Wendover and Dunsmore on mountain bikes.
“To join the outdoor rides contact OTEC, or sign up for the FREE ride on Sunday 4 November on”

See all the indoor training classes that take place at Studio CBF in Wendover on the website. Easy booking online and no contract or membership required. Instagram: @catbookerfitness, Facebook: Cat Booker Fitness

OTEC’s tips for pedalling through the winter:
1. Make sure you have a tyre offering good grip and mud/water shedding characteristics.
2. Lights - obviously!
3. Mudguards will make your life more comfortable.
4. Warm comfortable clothes: waterproofs and on the road high vis.
5. Your bike should be lubricated to protect it from the elements, make sure you choose a suitable lubricant.

OTEC Bikes can advise and help you with all your cycling needs. Otec is at Halton UK Tennis Centre, Chestnut End, Halton HP22 5PD. 01296696343//07824828024.
Web -; Twitter - @otecbikes
Facebook -

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