Wendover Neighbourhood Plan July 2017

  |  Published: Jul 1st 2017

Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has organised stalls at local primary school summer events so that busy parents who weren’t able to engage with the launch events last February can have their say.

The next event is at Halton Combined School at their Summer Fete after Sports Day on Thursday 6 July, 3.30-5.30pm.

In September WNPSG hopes to engage with young adults.

If you haven’t been able to engage with the process yet, please see the report from the launch events at www.wendoverneighbourhood plan.co.uk where you can leave your comments.

WNPSG is hoping to appear at the Inquiry into the proposed development at land to the North of Halton Lane, to give the Inspector any information on the progress of the Plan, and initial evidence of the views of the public on the future development of the community so far as is relevant to the appeal.

WNPSG  has been working on the next stages of the work on the Plan development, and will contact those offering  help with this, as it develops topic groups for different aspects of the Plan.

Halton Lane Inquiry from 27 June: Readers who submitted objections to the proposed development of Land to the North of Aylesbury Road, recognised locally as the field between Halton Lane and World’s End Lane, will have received a letter dated 5 June notifying them of a Public Inquiry starting at 10am on Tuesday 27 June. The Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Wendover Parish Council hope to appear at this Inquiry which is scheduled to take several days. Members of the public are able to attend.

Appeal: 16/00068/NONDET

Application: 16/01017/AOP

APP: J0405/W/16/3158833

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