Aston Clinton Society

The Aston Clinton Society is a small charity founded in early 2022 by neighbours Sally Holder and Ann Webber with the objectives of improving the appearance of the village, preserving its charm, and ensuring it remains a pleasant and welcoming place we are proud to call our home.

The increasing demand for housing and families swapping an urban lifestyle for a healthier and more outdoorsy one means Aston Clinton (like most villages) has seen unprecedented growth and change in recent years. While this has brought many challenges and tested the village’s infrastructure to the full, new residents have also helped to breathe new life into the village.

We now have a thriving community who are embracing and enjoying the many activities and the lifestyle our local neighbourhood affords. Indeed, many of our organisations and clubs have never been better supported and this is a positive reflection on the evolution of Aston Clinton.

Aston Clinton Park with its extensive recreational and sports facilities, and far-reaching views to The Chilterns, has become a major destination. The new Red Kite Pavilion in the park with its café, soft play area and function room has given the village a contemporary community hub.

St Michael and All Angels Church – the stunning 12th century parish church and also home of the ever-popular Rhubarb Café and Repair Shop.

However, while there is much to be admired about Aston Clinton in 2022, the rate in which the village has grown has led to the slip and gradual decline of some of the most fundamentals that help to make a place great – the need to care and protect our village environment with its rich assets, and to make it a safe place for our residents to enjoy.

Our Vision
To love where we live

Our Mission
* The Aston Clinton Society is an action group set up to tackle matters that affect the integrity of the village and village life, and seek solutions in co-operation with other local, national, and statutory organisations.

* We want to create a sense of shared responsibility and encourage everyone to take pride in our village. Everywhere deserves a bit of TLC.

* We will work hard with our partners to ensure Aston Clinton retains its identity, rather than becoming a cut-through to somewhere else and prevent it from becoming another soulless suburb of Aylesbury.

Our Objectives
* Organise regular residents’ Tidy up campaigns around the village

*Work with organisations to repair and maintain public areas and features of the village.

* Work to restore the character of the village and preserve its heritage assets

* Encourage conservation and sensitive enhancement

* Support the maintenance and improvements of features in the village and explore opportunities to reintroduce some that have been lost over time

* Organise fundraising events for new community initiatives and amenities.

* Provide more facilities and events for young people, particularly for those in the 16-18 years age group which we have identified as the least provided for in the village.

Our aims may appear modest, but we believe by focussing our efforts on a few key issues to improve the village, is the best way to bring our community together under one umbrella.

Unlike many of the surrounding villages, Aston Clinton has not had an active residents’ society since around the time the Aston Clinton by-pass opened in 2003. So, almost 20 years later, we now have a great opportunity to ensure those who live here have a collective voice on what happens. It means we can start to have influence on where we live and bring about changes when and where needed.

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