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Countryways Countrymen’s Outreach

Countryways launched an Outreach Programme from Road Farm in Great Missenden to support its ‘Farm Helpers’ during the current COVID-19 outbreak. They would really like to extend this service to the wider local community – helping keep people connected to the countryside and farm-life during lockdown or to those shielding.

Road Farm Outreach would particularly like to reach men who already have an affinity with the countryside and outdoor environments and/or have long-term health or mobility issues. Their interest in the countryside might stem from their previous occupation in farming or horticulture or perhaps through their leisure activities e.g. gardening, walking etc. These men will be finding it difficult to be indoors and those living with health conditions such as dementia may not understand the current situation. Their family carers will be facing additional challenges and pressures at this time and may appreciate some additional support.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances the care farm welcomes individuals and specialist groups to the farm who benefit from countryside therapy and learning opportunities. They may be Countrymen Club members, vulnerable young adults, school groups, those with learning difficulties, physical disability or mental health issues

The Outreach Programme aims to keep the cared-for and their family carers up-to-date with countryside news and services, as well as keeping them motivated and stimulated during lockdown. This can be anything from a regular telephone call, farm-related activities to complete at home, a twice-monthly newsletter, regular updates on Twitter, or links to videos and photographs about what is going on at the farm.

The UK Charity Countrymen UK is leading this initiative. More information can be found here on the Road Farm Countryways website:

It is so important to reach out to these men and their family carers in the local community.

Perhaps you have someone in mind who would appreciate this support or you are part of an organisation that could help spread the word about what we can offer, if so please contact us at Road Farm so that we can discuss how we may be able to help. Tel 01494 862413 or email

Telephone: 01494 862413


Address: Road Farm, Aylesbury Road, Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 9LS




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