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Road Farm Countryways CIC

Wendy Gray of Road Farm Countryways in Great Missenden, was presented with the Make A Difference Award for Social Care Award by Andy Collins of 3 Counties Radio in September 2020. 

Road Farm Countryways provides a safe and relaxing environment for people in the Chiltern Hills to participate in farm related activities to improve their wellbeing, health and learning. As well as providing educational opportunities, Countryways welcomes individuals and specialist groups to the farm to benefit from “green” therapy. These may be Countrymen Club members, vulnerable young adults, people suffering with stress, physical illness, mental health issues, the recently bereaved or isolated. For those with mobility issues, we have an all-terrain wheelchair and excellent toilet and hand washing facilities including an adult hoist and changing table.


Teenagers and adults with learning disabilities particularly benefit from involvement here, especially learning new skills-for-life and interacting with animals, and we also welcome those with physical and mental challenges. At Road Farm Countryways we run a fortnightly Countrymen’s Club for men aged 55+ who have an affinity with farms, gardens and the outdoors through their previous work, leisure activities, or simply through a general love of the countryside. Our group is part of the Countrymen UK Network, an award-winning Lottery funded charity that aims to helpmen reap the health and wellbeing benefits of working with animals and nature alongside other like-minded people.

In conjunction with Countrymen UK, Road Farm Countryways is providing support out in the community for older men and their carers who may be feeling particularly isolated during the lockdown. The Outreach Initiative involves providing resources like home activities, photographs, quizzes, even a regular phone call to help these men and their families feel motivated, stimulated and most importantly, connected with the seasons, the farm and others.

Road Farm Countryways is also offering a special space to those suffering stress and bereavement following the Coronavirus epidemic, and to help people feel able to “Step Outside” again.

If you have someone in mind who might benefit from visiting the farm, please get in touch.

Telephone: 01494 862413
Address: Road Farm, Aylesbury Road, Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 9LS

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