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Our Lady of Lourdes, Bedgrove
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St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church, Wendover & Our Lady of Lourdes Bedgrove



Whether you are visiting the Church or have recently moved to the parish, we are delighted to welcome you and would like to tell you something about ourselves.

Our parish consists of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bedgrove and St Anne’s in Wendover. We have one parish priest who serves both the churches.

St. Anne’s first started a weekly Sunday Mass during the Second World War and in 1951 a tiny building on the London Road was blessed by Bishop Parker as a church. Although the church of St. Anne’s was served by the Fathers of the Sacred Hearts it was only in 1958 that it became canonically part of this Parish. Bishop Parker laid the foundation stone for the present Church in 1961. The spirit of ecumenism at St Anne’s culminated in 1987 when Bishop Francis Thomas signed an agreement to share the premises with the Free Church.

The Sacred Hearts Fathers withdrew from the Parish in 1995 to re-focus on missionary activities. We still have links with the order and support their Parish in Acton and their mission in Mozambique.

Diocesan priests took over and we celebrated the extension of the IHM Church and hall one year before the parish jubilee in 2004.

St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church
Aylesbury Road,
HP22 6JG

Parish Priest:
Parish Sister: Sister Bernadette

Office Hours:
Mon 2-5pm, 6.30-8.30pm, Thur 10:30am-5.30pm, Fri 2-5.30pm in Bedgrove
Telephone: 01296 290545
Administered from:  69 Camborne Avenue, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 7UE

Mass at St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church

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