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Our allotments are located behind houses on the Aylesbury Road opposite the Ashbrook Park. They can be accessed either via the road to Cold Comfort Farm or by the gate in the Aylesbury Road cul-de-sac between numbers 195 & 197. Footpath access is also available from Lionel Avenue.

Please contact us via our web site or use the form below.

Wendover Ashbrook Allotment Association Ltd

Who We Are

Wendover Ashbrook allotments have been in existence since 1928 and are privately owned and managed by the association.  We have over 120 plots of 5 or 10 poles (1 pole = 25 m2) and 95 plot holders.

If you are interested in taking on a plot, our web site will give you some idea of the benefits to be gained, and also of the work involved.  It also has details of local suppliers that may be of interest to any gardener.  Take a look !


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