Weston Turville Historical Society

£2 members, £3 visitors. More about the meeting on www.wthsoc.org.uk

WTHS was founded in 1999.  It aims to promote an active interest in local history by holding lively monthly meetings with a variety of speakers on topics of local or wider historical interest, regular outings, and a growing range of publications recording the people, places and history of Weston Turville.  

Lottery funding was used to create a village map, embellished with sketches by David Blackmore, which may be seen at strategic locations in the Village.  There is also an associated ‘Millennium Trail’ leaflet which guides visitors along a 1-hour route around the heart of the village, describing a range of historical topics of interest. 

The Village Archive is now housed in the John Colet School in Wendover and is regularly used by the children for school projects. It may be viewed by telephoning the school in term time for an appointment.

The Archaeology of Weston Turville is now being proactively explored by the Society’s members with support from the Bucks County Archaeologist and financial contributions from the Council for British Archaeology andBuckinghamshire Archaeological Society.

If you have collected stuff from your garden that you would like someone to look at and give an opinion please email us.

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