£1,000 fine!

If you are a dog owner you need to be aware that AVDC can impose a fine of £1,000 if your dog fouls and you don’t pick it up. Putting a poo bag in a tree, on a fence or on the ground is also unacceptable.

As a new dog owner I am totally shocked and disappointed at the amount of dog fouling which is left everywhere, even next to the dog bins, in Halton Village. It’s impossible to walk more a few steps without coming across a dog deposit. To leave your dog mess is extremely inconsiderate and antisocial. Everyone is aware of the health risks but that aside it’s just plain unpleasant. Halton has plenty of dog bins so there is no excuse for not picking up what your dog deposits. If you use dog walkers please ask them to clear up the mess from your dog.

You need to be aware that people living in the village can see dog walkers and witness inconsiderate behaviour. You can buy a lot of poo bags for £1,000 so please consider others and pick it up.

If you do pick up after your dog, thank you and please thank others if you see them being considerate. If you witness inconsiderate behaviour please remind people that there is a fine.

A disappointed Halton resident.