A Clear Result!

Wendover HS2 has been running an online survey on the choice between noise barriers and very Low Noise Surface (vLNS) to protect against bypass noise. You have made your opinions very clear, and we have great news from Bucks County Council that the consultation in October will now cover both options for HS2 funding. Of the 167 responses received, 95% were in favour of vLNS. Everyone asked said something should be done and 97% believed that Bucks CC should include vLNS in the consultation.

Many people gave us comments.
• There was strong and clearly knowledgeable support for vLNS, e.g.: “Having observed how quiet the surfaces can be on the Continent a similar approach to the Wendover bypass would make a huge difference.”
• Most comments about barriers were about their appearance and that they are too short to protect north Wendover, e.g.: “The tall noise barriers will be an eyesore and a magnet for vandalism.”
• 14 people commented on motorcycle noise, e.g.: “Average speed cameras and lower speed limit to deter antisocial motorbikes should be considered.”

The detailed survey results (including all comments received) are published on the website https://tinyurl.com/noisebarrier.

We understand the public consultation will run for six weeks from the end of September. Please go and tell Bucks County Council what you think – otherwise it won’t happen! We’ll put any further information we get on our website above, so please check there first.

In September there are also two afternoon exhibitions of the proposed A413 viaduct design (Thursday 6 and Saturday 29 Sep in St Anne’s Hall). Please use our new survey on https://tinyurl.com/WHS2survey to let us tell the Government how appropriate is the design in an AONB and whether HS2 should let the contractors consider the (cheaper) mined tunnel alternative. Wendover HS2