A new era for Wendover News

The staff of Wendover News have been happily serving the public of Wendover and surrounding villages since September 1989 when it was an A3 sheet folded to A4, printed in black and white. During the 21st century it added a website and social media and developed into a popular glossy colour magazine. The staff have always been part time and are now Jackie, print editing and online presence; Wynne, graphics; Sabina, sales and marketing; packing everything in very effectively. Jane, who has been editor since the start, will be “evolving away” from that role this year. We are currently developing social media as much as print. Our recent social media post covering the switch on of the Christmas Tree Lights reached over 25K (and counting)! Could you help develop this aspect of our business?

To reduce travel costs, many businesses target a local population. Wendover News has always been a good place to advertise your business to local people who might need your services. You can also explain your offer to local people who might not realise your Unique Selling Point. At the same time you are supporting Wendover News to give editorial space to vital local organisations and causes such as Wendover Celebrates and Wendover Warm Welcome: both featured on the front page of the December print edition. This reflects a charitable element to the magazine which inspires us to explore how we may benefit from this to maintain our advertising rates at their current fair levels and, potentially, expand our editorial space to broaden topics covered. If you have any expertise in this area or thoughts about this, please contact us.

Since Covid, we have all experienced a different landscape for living. For Wendover News the cost of paper — and now the cost of energy required for printing — has been a big issue. This has meant that editions of Wendover News often have fewer pages hence less room for local news.

We are continually recruiting new advertisers and featuring new aspects of life in Wendover. Is 2023 the year that you could become more involved with Wendover News? If you’re a local resident, organisation or business, please see the contact details on our website homepage to get involved and help us shape Wendover News for the future, to preserve its legacy and relevance to all aspects of our community.