A Racehorse called Spirit of Springbok

Once upon a time, SM Thornton (a local grandparent and writer), started writing up the favourite bed-time stories of her (then) three-year-old grandson. The Giant of Jiggery Pokery and his Amazing Seven League Boots. And now, Book Two, A Racehorse called Spirit of Springbok.

Grandson is now a strapping 16-year-old and although not wanting bedtime stories any longer, can still remember the fun of an hour-long bath, learning new songs in the bath and the bed and story routine.

Writing the stories is the best bit, says our writer, but the self-publishing for the first few times is hard work.

Anyway, a clutch of grandchildren followed and the best stories, often repeated, made their way into a series of 7 books for children aged 5 and upwards. Two of these have now been published on Amazon. There are lots of snippets to keep the older reader amused as well as any number of small children, including maths, languages, real hospital operations and horsy information, as well as adventures and a bit of magic, all packed into over 100 pages per book and including many short chapters.

At the end there are quizzes and lots of interesting information as well as a cast list.

Both books are available on Amazon, click here to see the first of seven children’s books. A Racehorse called Spirit of Springbok is available on https://amzn.to/34UDi7B. The author will be reading both books at the Library on 5 March — see advert right.