A site for four eyes

Four eyes are better than two as Buckinghamshire Council places two patrollers, double lollipops, to control traffic at Bedgrove School crossing site.

The double patrol has been introduced, following a successful trial, that was undertaken to address serious road safety concerns at the site, as a result of a high number of incidents of drivers ignoring the single patroller’s stop sign and driving through.

The decision has now been made to continue with the two patrollers on a permanent basis.

Nick Naylor, Cabinet Member for Transport, says: “The law says motorists must stop as soon as the Patroller puts up the ‘STOP’ sign. A car ignoring this rule could easily hit a child already crossing, which is why we’ve taken the unusual decision to put two patrollers on duty – one for each side of the central refuge.

“In addition we are looking at what other road safety improvements are available to ensure the crossing is safe.”

Crossing patrollers have a rewarding job helping children arrive and leave school safely. It’s a paid position and we have a number of vacancies across the county. Call 01296 383432 for more information if you’re interested in being a patroller.