A sneak preview at 2021 home trends from Kebbell

2020 has been a year like no other and with it slowly coming to a close, many of us are looking to next year as a symbol of hope for better times. What this year has done, is shown us what is truly important to us, so expect to see Covid-19 still influencing the trends for next year, in addition to décor predictions.


  1. A garden has become paramount … Covid-19 has meant that we have had to spend much more time at home which has emphasised the importance of having a garden for everyone to enjoy as well as access to outdoor space. Think about how you want your garden to be used, its patio to grass ratio and how green your want your fingers to be in 2021 as many of us turn to sustainable, home fruit and veg growing.


  1. Study space… Covid-19 has also highlighted the need for functional, spacious and comfortable workspace as many of us now work from home. The study has become an essential room for homebuyers, and they are carefully considering details such as the plug points and lighting.


  1. Make it feel more than welcoming… More than ever we want to feel emotionally connected to our homes, as a very safe and welcoming family space. Home scents in the form of diffusers and candles are for every day rather than special occasions, warm sofa blankets evoke a sense of cosiness and extra pops of colour will freshen up a room.


  1. Eco friendly… More of us are looking for a home that maximises energy efficiency and is eco-friendly. Quality builders are more often choosing air-sourced heat pumps rather than gas or oil to meet those demands. Solar panels, sustainable insulation and homes which have a car charging point are all increasingly in demand.


  1. Textures… are going to be huge in the kitchen with more of us considering the touch and feel of worksurfaces and door cabinets. Smooth surfaced marble with a grain textured shaker door is a gorgeous combination to give a sense of luxury and to stimulate the senses.


  1. Underfloor heating… is a very efficient way to heat a home whilst also bringing an added sense of luxury and comfort to the property without the clutter of radiators.


  1. Bolds are replacing neutrals… We have had a decade of smooth greys and taupe in the home, but we are seeing a move towards a lot of the warm concrete or bolder colours which contrast beautifully with neutrals, particularly in tile and kitchen choices.


  1. Lighting… is something that has previously often been overlooked but is increasingly being prioritised by homeowners who know lighting sets the tone for a room. Layered lighting has been particularly popular in 2020 and is a trend we expect to see more of in 2021.


  1. Statement bathrooms…are becoming increasingly popular with unexpected tiles, steam-free mirrors, a high tech lighting system, global influences and stylish bathroom furniture.


  1. 2021 Colour – Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) has labelled aqua as the colour for 2021 but if this is a bit bold for you, consider buying some aqua coloured cushions to toss onto a neutral sofa for that extra pop of colour. Watch out for Pantone’s colour of the year which is usually announced in early December.