A Whittler’s Lament

These historic cultural items (the poem and carving), which were found in 2021 by Robbie of Weston Turville, are believed to have been created in the mid-20th century by a local resident.



Sitting in my humble cott,
Surrounded by increasing rot,
Afflicted window frames and doors,
Hearing the creaking of the floors,
and as gale force winds assail the eaves,
My nose drips gently on to my sleeves.

Working at my whittling craft,
Well wrapped up against the draught,
Whistling in from various points,
Threatening to seize my joints,
I view the wood as it comes to life,
Under the influence of my knife.

I’m carving a woman….[ in the nude!! ],
Very tasteful,nothing lewd,
Her legs look good,to my critical eye,
She needs more rounding of the thigh;
A slight reduction of her bum ??,
Perhaps too droopy around the tum?

Her face not bad,and her eyes too slanty,
Neck quite slender,but hair seems scanty,
Her appearance is quite oriental,
Another thing quite incidental,Each breast is different,but I’ll let it go,
I’ll simply call her “WUN HUNG LO !”