Adoption UK responds to Gavin Williamson’s comments on adoption

Responding to Secretary of State Gavin Williamson’s remarks on adoption today, Sue Armstrong Brown, CEO of the national adopter’s charity Adoption UK said:


“This strong signal from the government that adoption matters is very welcome. There is a persistent gap between children waiting and available adopters, particularly for BAME children and prospective adopters. For the sake of those children’s futures, it’s time for the gap to be closed. We need to work together across the whole adoption sector to make this happen. 


“We also owe it to those who come forward to ensure they are well prepared for the challenges ahead. Three quarters of adopted children have suffered significant trauma in their early years, with lasting impacts on their relationships, health and learning.


“Adoption UK’s recent survey shows that too often, problems are turning into major crises because families are not being well supported. The right post adoption support at the right time can be make or break. This needs the same leadership from government as the recruitment gap.


“The Adoption Support Fund has transformed lives. But families don’t know whether they can rely on it next year, let alone in the future. We now need a long-term commitment to this vital resource, and to peer support, which can be life changing. We also need the government to commit to the same standards of support for other families raising children who can’t live with their birth parents, such as kinship carers.”