AVDC Housing Problems

It seems AVDC don’t care less about Aston Clinton’s existing community or the impact mass uncontrolled housing development is having on the village. There is no democratic process; in reality it is a complete sham. Fool anyone who wants to follow their faux games or the planning process thinking they can make a difference. As for planning for the needs of the existing community, where are the affordable homes for Aston Clinton youngsters? Non existent! The uncontrolled developments continue, despite thousands of letters of objection; hundreds of people attending planning meetings protesting, organised protest groups; all totally ignored, now local plans created will probably have little impact. No one’s really interested in the opinion of the vast majority of the local population. In reality all these honest and noble democratic efforts have achieved very little, as no one at AVDC is listening; including your elected members it seems.

When it comes down to crucial voting at committee stage, the people you thought you could depend on are usually sitting on the fence or have “gone AWOL”. It seems they are all full of hot air at the end of the day as they make their public platitudes.

AVDC will continue to ride roughshod over the will of the people.

Unbelievable comment I heard recently from a well to do local resident who lives in Aston Clinton: “Well of course Aston Clinton is no longer suitable for young people trying to buy their first home, it’s for middle class wealthy people moving in from London!” It seems our planners and greedy developers think exactly the same.

PS – I have three adult children living in our family home. My second son in local employment with Arla working as a dispatch supervisor/technician, age 33 engaged to a local girl age 31, unable to find anything affordable to rent or buy within 6 miles of where he lives or works in Aston Clinton. My youngest son age 28 (First Class Hons Degree), in International Accountancy , plus AAT, his Fiancee LLB (Hons) passed first year on her long road to becoming a Solicitor: Two highly motivated bright young professionals unable to get a roof over their heads in the Aylesbury Vale area, let alone Aston Clinton. Result: five adults living in one open plan 4 bed home. This is modern day overcrowding in the Aylesbury Vale. Planning, what planning? It’s a disgrace!