Aylesbury MP “fully supports” Buckinghamshire Council’s decision to reject HS2 plans for construction traffic

Aylesbury MP Rob Butler fully supports the decision by Buckinghamshire Council to reject the proposed Schedule 17 agreements on traffic management for HS2 construction traffic.

The council has refused to approve lorry route applications, known as Schedule 17 agreement, due to the lack of relevant information provided by HS2 Ltd and the Council’s concerns about the impact of increased large construction vehicles (HGVs) movements on the A413/A355 corridor from north of Wendover to the M40 at Beaconsfield.

Rob said:

“I wholeheartedly support Buckinghamshire Council in their decision to withhold consent for the s17 applications affecting the A413 from Wendover to Aylesbury.

“Meetings my team and I have had with the council have consistently raised concerns about residents and businesses facing significant congestion and delays as a result of HS2’s lorries. Yet the company failed time and again to provide the council with the information needed to show how it would minimise the impact for local people. It is simply not good enough and the council was right to refuse the applications.

“HS2 Ltd really does need to stop this behaviour. The CEO Mark Thurston has told me personally that he wants to be a good neighbour. He needs to tell his staff the same thing. They must stop finding excuses, tell us all what we need to know, and make absolutely sure that the contractors cause minimal disturbance to local people during the construction of this unwanted and ludicrously expensive railway.”