Aylesbury MP presses Ministers to ramp up local vaccine delivery following national lockdown

Following the announcement of the new national lockdown, Aylesbury MP, Rob Butler, has called on ministers to accelerate plans to introduce vaccination centres and services in the town and nearby villages.

Rob said:
“The news of a national lockdown so soon in the new year has been a huge disappointment for local people, but the Prime Minister is clear that is essential because of the threat posed to hospital capacity by the new variant of coronavirus.

“But the lockdown must be as short as possible, and key to that is getting as many people vaccinated as possible – starting with the most vulnerable. So it is vital that Aylesbury has a local vaccination hub to ensure that our communities have easy access to a vaccine and all the protection its offers.

“Many people have written to me to express their frustration at the lack of a hub when neighbouring areas with a lower incidence of coronavirus seem to be ahead of them in the queue.

“I have raised this point in the House of Commons and continue to stress the importance to ministers of Aylesbury having access to life-saving vaccines in a matter of days not weeks.

“In the meantime, we must all do our utmost to follow closely the restrictions that have sadly become necessary, remembering it is the responsibility of all of us to stay at home to protect the NHS and ultimately save lives”