Aylesbury MP to Prime Minister: Keep backing Bucks businesses

Aylesbury MP, Rob Butler, has today urged the Prime Minister to do all he can to support local businesses as they emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Rob stressed the importance of help for small, innovative firms, as well as those in the hospitality sector that have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

Highlighting the need for a dynamic approach, Rob said:
“The reopening of non-essential shops in Aylesbury on Monday has been a very welcome boost to restart the local retail sector.

“Can my Right Honourable Friend assure me he’ll do everything necessary to stimulate the rest of the Buckinghamshire economy in the weeks and months to come, for example easing restrictions on outdoor tables and chairs, cutting unnecessary regulation and perhaps most importantly, providing a dedicated stimulus for our small businesses, the businesses for which the county is rightly renowned?”

The Prime Minister welcomed Rob’s support for small businesses, saying:
“I thank him for the way he campaigns for business in Aylesbury, in his constituency. What we will be doing is obviously doing what we can to flex the social distancing rules, but only as we make progress in driving the incidence of the virus down.

“I think everybody understands the tension that the whole country is operating, the trade-off that we have to operate.

“We must continue to defeat that virus, but we are sticking to our plan, we will stick ruthlessly to our plan to continue with opening of hospitality sectors on July the 4th at the earliest and proceed on that basis.”