Aylesbury Roads Infrastructure

The disruption and gridlock has already begun on a daily basis as Bucks Council have done little to spend considerable Government or New Build Income to improve the main road structure by linking at least 5 of the main arteries coming into and going out of Aylesbury Town Centre. Work must start now on constructing the A41 at the Woodlands Roundabout at Aston Clinton with a link road to the Wing/Leighton Buzzard Road, then on to The Buckingham/ Winslow road, lining with the Buckingham Park By-Pass, on to Berryfields and the Bicester Road and from there the Oxford/ Thame Road. We need to let the traffic flow outside of the Aylesbury Town not grind to a halt in the town centre. And this is before HS2 major works cutting across at least two of these roads. So imagine the chaos that lies ahead if nothing is planned to start very soon. It is time for Buckinghamshire Council to stop sitting on their hands until it is too late and Aylesbury Roads just grind to a halt for many hours every day. Surely the council could see this coming?

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