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So with September upon us we often promise ourselves we will fix stuff, update our admin, de-clutter or change something much bigger. Health and fitness often feature and rightly so after slacker healthy eating habits and less exercise across a summer. Here are some ‘End of summer to autumn’ thoughts to help you think about what might suit you, motivate you, and be more personalised to help get back to fitness reality.

Men do Pilates, too! An increasing trend is men seeking holistic, and alternative cross training fitness programs like core training programs, Pilates on equipment, and yoga. Trends like BROGA® (yoga for men), are on the up across the globe. Seek out a class fellas. If you sit at a desk or in the car for hours, or have one training modality that needs a complement, you might need some of this.

Large fitness clubs aren’t holding all the answers, although price is often very competitive. More personalised training can be found in the growth of small group training. Shop around and ask about the benefits of certain types of classes, be really honest about what you think you need.

You are an ‘athlete’; the point here is it is never too late. We can be guilty of putting everything else first, but our body needs attention. Perhaps the sore shoulder you have had for months, the tightness in the back of your legs, and ache in your neck and shoulders leaves you feeling less mobile – get it checked out. Find professional help from physical therapists to help with what you needn’t live with.

From a Park Run, cycle sportive, age landmark target, to a time for returning to health you will require a specific approach to training. Think about what suits your status or body type first, and go steady, building your fitness and getting your technique checked with good guidance either regularly or now and then for budget.

In my experience over 21 years of training I see people who are very highly motivated and go it alone, others who need the social aspect to get them to class, as well as those who come and go as life puts obstacles in the way and so many other examples I promise you. But it really does always start with YOU.

For FREE guidance and pointing in the right direction you can contact CBF on to speak to a Member of the Team and Cat Booker. Cat has been working in the fitness industry for 21 years. Manages her own fitness studio, official Spinning® Studio and are a freelance Master Trainer and International Fitness Presenter, based in Wendover. Pop in to see us on Wednesdays between 11:30-13:30 when we open for ‘drop-in’ chat at 2 Robert Mews (behind Lloyds Bank). Facebook Page Cat Booker Fitness. Twitter @catbookerfit PINTEREST Cat Booker

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