Back with Black

The response of beer drinkers to The Chiltern Brewery’s Chiltern Black 3.9% vol. as a seasonal winter ale has been so positive and favourable this year that the exciting decision has now been made to add it to their collection of permanent draught ales. For many years, Chiltern Ale 3.7% vol. and Beechwood Bitter 4.3% vol. have been the only permanent draught beers brewed, but now this dark, complex porter, or stout as many will refer to it, can be drunk throughout the year.

Black, smooth, beautifully hopped, with dark golden treacle tones and hints of roast barley, Chiltern Black also has wonderful chocolaty aromas and perfectly complements the pale, light and refreshing Chiltern Ale and the mid-amber nutty, fruity Beechwood Bitter to make a mighty trinity.

“This is a classic English beer style that deserves to be drunk 12 months of the year. We are so pleased that the demand is there now from beer drinkers locally to make this a permanent ale. We are witnessing a beer revolution led by a connoisseur public who appreciate and demand the very best in traditional beer styles” says Head Brewer Tom Jenkinson.

The Chiltern Brewery is proud to be Buckinghamshire and the Chiltern Hill’s oldest independent brewery. Using age-old methods, the beers are brewed with skill, passion and integrity in support of British farmers.

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