Bailey takes first step in dream of media career

Schoolboy Bailey Wood took the first step in his dream of a career in the media by joining the communications team at County Hall for a week’s work experience.

Bailey, of Farnham Common, wants to become a sports reporter but, at 16, he found he was just a little too young for a placement in many media organisations, so he applied to Buckinghamshire County Council instead.

The Beaconsfield School pupil worked for five days within the Customer and Communications department of the Council in Aylesbury where he helped with administration, social media marketing and research for press releases.

He accompanied an in-house media officer on an interview for a press release story, and then followed it up by tracking down a contact to try to confirm some of the facts for the article.

“I enjoyed it – it was a real insight,” he said. “I learnt during one job that things don’t always go to plan and that you have to plan for every scenario. I didn’t realise how big an organisation the Council is and how many people work there, and how many departments there are.”

He hasn’t ruled out a career in public relations or communications but is still keen on pursuing his goal to become a sports reporter.

Bailey is one of over 2000 students who have undertaken a work experience placement this academic year, arranged and checked by Buckinghamshire Education Business Partnership (BEBP), a department within Buckinghamshire Learning Trust.

BEBP works with 30 secondary schools and Pupil Referral Units across the county in the administration of work experience programmes for students aged between 14 and 19. BEBP’s role is to ensure that all work experience placements are safe, suitable and comply with legal and best practice guidance. It also provides support for schools and employers during and after the placement.

If you would like to get in touch with BEBP, call 01494 732106 or email: You can also find out more information on the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust website –