We’ve got your winter survival advice kit ready to unwrap

We’ve got your winter survival advice kit ready to unwrap

With the tell-tale signs of winter already here,the County Council and local NHSClinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)have issued an ‘all you need to know’ web-based guide to staying safe and healthyoverthe comingmonths.

For the first time, both organisations havebrought alladvice together intheir new’Ready for Winter’ webpages. Advice ranges from staying safe on the roads, the gritting routes and coping with winter weather to staying healthy, warm andpreventing illness.

Noel Brown, the County Council’sCabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health said the webpages were the most comprehensive guideever published for Buckinghamshire. “While I hope we get a relatively mild winter, it’s useful to have such a wide array of information at the click of a button. It’s easy to get caughtout particularly with freezing temperatures or heavy snowfalls butequally, staying warm and healthy is just as important.

“Not only do the webpages contain advice fromthe County Council and the CCG’s,butyou can also find helpful links to partner organisations like theAge UK and local utility providers. It’s well worth a five minute browse,” he added.

Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation also commented, “We’ve made sureour fleet of 25 gritters is ready for winter, and now the website is ready for winter too! These newpages giveall the important transport information you might need this winter like the map of our salting routes, the daily salting decision and the gritter tracking map.”

Dr Dal Sahota, Director for Unplanned Acute Care at Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Groups, said, “The information on these webpages will not only help people look after their own health during the winter months, but will also signpost them to the most appropriate health service option if they should need to get treatment. Health services in Bucks are well-prepared for the winter months, but you can help us treat those in most urgent need sooner by using this information.”

To see all the webpages,visitwww.buckscc.gov.ukand search ‘winter’.