Beaconsfield Forum gets a new lease of life

Beaconsfield Local Area Forum is getting a new lease of life. It will be relaunched at its summer meeting on Thursday July 6 at 7pm.

Recently elected County Councillor Alan Walters, who will chair the Forum, said he wanted to open it up to representatives of local organisations.

“The Beaconsfield Forum is the County Council’s main focus for hearing the views of residents and prioritising work for the Beaconsfield area,” said Alan. “It’s where local people can get involved in the decisions of the County Council, and it’s a good meeting point for organisations working together.”

In the past the Forum, made up of town, district and county councillors, has focused on parking problems in the town. Alan says that as this work is coming to fruition, it’s time a reformed Forum looked more widely at Beaconsfield issues, and drew in groups representing community life in the town.

The Forum’s annual budget is £22,100, all of which will be allocated following the inaugural meeting.