Big Energy Saving Week gears up to help consumers save money

National initiative rolls out as cold weather begins to bite

Community Impact Bucks is encouraging people to think about the best choices to make in terms of their energy supply arrangements, as Big Energy Saving Week gears up for action (January 27thto 31st).

Big Energy Saving Week is an initiative set up by Ofgem and the Citizens Advice Bureau to help consumers get the best deal from their energy supplier.

Community Impact Bucks is already involved in the provision of low price energy through its oil buying programme. The scheme provides cheaper heating oil for people in Bucks and rural Milton Keynes, using the power of bulk purchasing power for those consumers in isolated communities who don’t have a mains gas supply.

Big Energy Saving Week helps people who may be confused by their energy bills to identify which supplier would give them the best tariff, what to do if they are struggling with their bills, what can be done to reduce bills and what other help is available.

A number of leaflets are available highlighting what consumers can do to get the maximum value for their hard-earned funds. A helpline has also been set up (0300 123 1234) to guide consumers towards the best advice and key information has been summarized on the

The Big Energy Saving Week booklet tackles all the major areas of concern including how to find the best deal for your circumstances, choosing the best payment option, how to access special services (if you have particular requirements), schemes to improve energy efficiency and useful contact numbers.

Michael Hunt, Head of Resources at Community Impact Bucks, said: “Many people are understandably worried when it comes to heating their home at winter. At Community Impact Bucks we can help those who do not have a mains gas supply and use heating oil by getting them the best possible price by buying collectively as part of a large group.

“If anyone is interested in taking part in the scheme, they can contact us by calling 01844 348832 or

“For those with a gas or electricity supply, there is also help and advice available to everyone through Big Energy Saving Week to make sure you aren’t paying any more than you have to.

“The leaflets that have been produced present all the choices in a clear and concise manner, as well as the details of all the organisations that can guide you impartially.”

The website also highlights a number of roadshows which will be operating around the country during Big Energy Saving Week.