Breath & Meditation Workshop Introduction

I am writing this article on 10 October, which happens to be a World Mental Health Day, which moves me to bring awareness to Silence, Calm & Breath. 


In our fast moving lives we have no, or very little time to relax, let go & just be! Just Breathe & enjoy the Silence! If you find yourself in situation, where you constantly rush around & have no time for silent retrospection, then I invite you to come and try my Breath & Meditation Workshop held on Mondays at 12:15-12:45 at Wendover Community Library. 


I created Breath & Meditation Workshops for a wide audience of all ages. We all know that our breathing is important, this is something we all have in common – we come into this world as we take our first breath, & leave as we breathe out our last… but in between, we all take our breathing for granted… 


Let’s dive deep into Pranayama – the Art of Yogic Breathing & learn how you can make yourself calmer, more aware of your mind, body, spirit & life around you by just being mindful of your BREATH!


You will learn the skills that you can use in your daily life to help you relax instantly when you need to or get more energy when you feel lethargic by just altering your breath. 


Here’s an excerpt from an article I found recently that supports the notion of calm quiet time is good for your health: 

Science Says Silence is Vital for Our BrainsByAzriel ReShelon May 9th, 2018 

“The brain recognises silence and responds powerfully.

Many meditation teachers and practitioners can attest to this, and spiritual teachers advise students to take frequent meditative pauses throughout the day. Though we may think of silence as a lack of input, science says otherwise. The brain recognises silence and responds powerfully. Later research by a Duke University regenerative biologist, Imke Kirste, discovered that two hours of silence per day prompted cell development in the hippocampus, the brain region related to the formation of memory, involving the senses.”


I look forward to seeing you at my Workshop soon! 


Best wishes of health & happiness, 


Sabina Dye

Certified Yoga & KundaDance Teacher for Adults & Kids 


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