Buckingham Skate Park works revised to allow summer fun

Digital impression of the new Buckingham Skate Park

Revised dates for construction of a new skate park in Buckingham means that skateboarders will be able to use the existing skate park throughout the summer.

To enable pre-construction works and allow the Environment Agency to consider the proposal, the construction phase of Buckingham Skate Park has been revised to autumn 2021.

Once contractors are on site, the £200k skate park, which is being constructed in the same location as the existing park, is expected to take around 12 weeks to build – depending on weather conditions.

Once open, the new skate park will offer a range of obstacles appealing to users of different disciplines and levels of experience such as rolled lips and mellow transitions for beginners, coping lips, small hips, transfers and pump areas for intermediates, and hips and transfers for advanced users.

Clive Harriss, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, said:

“Starting the construction of the new skate park in autumn will allow the existing facility to remain open for the enjoyment of the local skateboarding community during the summer months.

“Despite some delay, the new skate park, once operational, will prove a wonderful asset for the local community.”