Buckinghamshire Council adopt a new Local Enforcement Plan

On Tuesday 16 June, Buckinghamshire Council adopted a new Local Enforcement Plan. The planning enforcement team investigate alleged breaches of planning control, and will use this plan to take enforcement action where appropriate.

Following the five Bucks Councils coming together, this is a new enforcement policy for a new enforcement service. It sets out how the Council will provide that service and what residents can expect from the service when they have to use it. This new and improved plan prioritises matters that affect residents lives and promotes the use of the Council’s resources to investigate and resolve breaches of control.

The Cabinet Member for Planning and Enforcement, Cllr Warren Whyte, said “This new plan puts residents at the heart of the way that this service operates and paves the way for the implementation of an improved planning enforcement service across the Buckinghamshire Council area. With new priorities, reduced timescales and a commitment to pursuing harmful breaches of planning control, this plan is just the start of improvements to the service that will benefit our residents and make a real difference to our environment. Planning is a complex and emotive area and we want to ensure our new enforcement service builds confidence in the planning process. I also want to remind builders and developers that they have a duty to meet their planning obligations and the new Council will not tolerate abuse of the planning system.”