Bucks Council and 4X4 Volunteers Prepared For Snow

Well, the weather forecast this week is for snow and ice which may mean disruption to roads, schools and businesses, but what happens to housebound people who rely on essential care services when really heavy snowfall threatens remote road access?

This is where the voluntary drivers at Bucks and Oxon 4X4 Response Group (BORG) and the Adult Social Care teams at Bucks County Council join forces – making sure people without family or friends close by get the critical services they need.

Working together over the last few years, they have made sure hundreds of vulnerable housebound people continue to receive essential care, food and support during periods of heavy snow.

Noel Brown, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health at Bucks County Council urges, ‘Our ‘Be A Good Neighbour’ message is more important than ever during colder weather. I’m always impressed with both our Bucks County Council Care teams and the BORG volunteers who get the job done. The combination of expertise, experience and careful planning in reaching more remote areas in Bucks ensure we can access those vulnerable residents when they need it most. Don’t forget that if you’re concerned about someone do get in touch with us – visit our Be A Good Neighbour webpage for more.’buckscc.gov.uk/services/care-for-adults/be-a-good-neighbour/

‘Our volunteers are a fantastic group who work with the Council regularly when the weather turns bad.’ Says Simon Avery-Sutton, Emergency Planning Liaison Officer at BORG.’

‘A lot of us have older family members and the thought of someone going without essential care is a real incentive to get out where we can and help. We know that when there is bad weather, the frequency of need for customers doesn’t change. Care services, with their busy schedules, are seriously impacted and the 4×4 response for business continuity is vital.’

‘If anyone is interested in joining our group they can visit: www.borg4x4.org and find out more.’

Gill Quinton, Strategic Director Communities, Health and Adult Social Care at Bucks County Council agrees adding, ’The County Council are responsible for around 600 people who rely on county council care services reaching them every day. The ability to collaborate with the fab volunteers at BORG to make sure we get to these people cannot be underestimated.

‘Vulnerable residents going without a hot meal in freezing weather or not getting vital health services is not an option for us. Our care teams always go the extra mile contacting customers, making sure help and services reach them. My deep admiration and gratitude goes out to everyone who really digs in to help.’