Bucks students rule the roost as they become councillors for a day

Last week, Buckinghamshire County Council teamed up with Action4Youth to let sixth formers become councillors for a day and get a taste of what it’s like to run local public services.

Students from The Buckingham School ran a mock council committee meeting and  took on the roles of councillors. The topic that was up for discussion was the environment, and how we can all play our part in protecting it.

The students met with a group of councillors, including Chairman Brian Roberts, Vice-Chairman Dev Dhillon, Cabinet Members and expert environment officers. The young people were able to grill the  councillors and officers about their views on the environment and what plans the Council has in the pipeline for tackling some of the issues raised.

The students also offered up their own suggestions as to how we might all lead more sustainable lives in the future. The comments that were shared on the day will form an important part of future local plans for the county.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and the local member for Buckingham said: “This event gave the students a chance to ask some pertinent questions about our environment and how we might build a better future together. Their enthusiasm and impressive knowledge contributed to a really constructive and enjoyable discussion.”

Anita Cranmer, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills commented: “The work visit really threw a light on this important topic and provided an opportunity for students to have a say. It is so important that we engage with our young people as they are the future and they have a power to make a real difference. The Action4Youth Inspiration Programme is a fantastic scheme that we are delighted to support.”

Jenifer Cameron, CEO of Action4Youth said: “I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the Councillors and officers at Buckinghamshire County Council for their continued support of the Action4Youth Inspiration Programme. They have provided the young people from The Buckingham School with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about local government and to express their views on several environmental issues that they care deeply about.”