Bucks UTC Offers Courses in Latest Technology

Bucks UTC has teamed up with 3D Print World, based in Aylesbury, to offer training courses for its students and the general public, to learn all about 3D printing. This new technology which turns computer data into physical objects is now being used in a wide range of industries, making airplane parts to model hearts.

The course at Bucks UTC will demonstrate how the printers are made and assembled, how to build and use them and generally gain a good grasp of this equipment.

Paul Hiscoe, Founder of 3D Print World in Aylesbury, said “The partnership with Bucks UTC means young people in the Aylesbury area can now get a flying start in this exciting new technology. Rather than just take something out of the box and using it like a microwave oven, the course really helps you understand how 3D printers work and provides a solid foundation in building a printer first and making things with it second.”

Taking the 3D printing course can also save you money. You can buy a Prusa i3 Hepheastos printer fully assembled, or save £40 (including the cost of the course), by building it yourself.

The 3D printing courses will take place at Bucks UTC, Oxford Road, Aylesbury HP21 8PB. Bookings can be made on-line at: www.3dprintworld-aylesbury.co.uk/courses/1-assemble-your-own-3d-printer