Bucks UTC Students Present First Project

Bucks UTC’s new students have just completed their first piece of project work culminating in a presentation to Governors and the Senior Leadership Team. As part of the UTC’s aim of ensuring their students are work-ready, every student has been allocated to one of two ‘companies’. Splitting into teams they were asked to prepare proposals for their company name, logo, branding and Code of Conduct. They then presented their ‘company’ plans to an audience of 120 people. This significant piece of work goes towards the students’ Certificate in Work Skills.

The companies are similar to ‘house teams’ and will compete in various activities against each other. Money will also be raised for two charities that the students have chosen.

Bev Flanagan, Bucks UTC Principal, comments: “It’s been really inspiring. Their ideas were fantastic and well thought through. It’s been a great introduction for them to work as a team, make decisions, work to a deadline and to present to a large audience.”

Professor Ruth Farwell, Vice Chancellor of Bucks New University and a member of the Bucks UTC Board of Governors, said: “Developing a positive attitude towards work is a key element of the rationale for the UTC, and this inaugural project clearly demonstrated the employer-linked thinking behind the UTC’s curriculum.

“After just a week into the new term, I was impressed that the young people I saw were able to give a business presentation to a large audience, elements of which were delivered in a professional way – a great start for the UTC and its students.”

Bucks UTC will be holding its next open day on Wednesday 9 October 2013, 4:00pm – 7:00pm – register online at www.bucksutc.co.uk/events