Bucks UTC Supports Science and Maths Campaign


Bucks UTC is backing the government’s Your Life campaign to show the career opportunities unlocked by studying science and maths.

The Your Life campaign aims to raise participation in science, maths and physics A levels by 50% in three years, to ensure the UK is equipped with the skills it needs for today’s fast changing employment landscape. Technical, analytical and logic skills are increasingly required in all industries from fashion and film to manufacturing and engineering. The UK currently faces an annual shortfall of 40,000 workers with the necessary scientific and mathematical skills[1].

The campaign will raise awareness of the career opportunities presented by studying science and math subjects, promote positive role models in industry, create mentoring programmes for young people and work placement opportunities with leading businesses.

Bev Flanagan, Principal of Bucks UTC, said:

We are supporting the Your Life campaign to ensure that as many young people as possible can get the skills they need in science and maths.

Bucks UTC is helping young people across the region to pursue top-level technical careers that require science and maths skills. Employers are closely involved and give our students the chance to participate in real-life projects, get experience of work and get an insight into the roles they might pursue in the future.”

Lord Baker, Chairman, Baker Dearing Educational Trust said:

“I am hugely supportive of the Your Life Campaign and the steps being taken to attract young people to study maths and physics. Employer led initiatives like this are vital to address skills shortages in the UK.

“This campaign chimes with University Technical Colleges (UTCs) which attract young people into STEM. They offer 14-18 year olds the opportunity to take a highly-regarded technically-orientated course of study, which provides clear progression routes into further / higher education, an apprenticeship or work.”

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:

“Developing the best schools and skills is a key part of our long-term economic plan to secure Britain’s future, and the skills taught by subjects like maths and science are some of those most valued by employers and universities. That’s why I am pleased to support the Your Life campaign to encourage more young people, and especially girls, to study these subjects by showing the exciting opportunities they can bring.

“Our plan for education will ensure that all young people leave school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life in modern Britain. Increasing the focus on STEM subjects is a key part of this as it will empower girls and boys equally to leave school able to get a job and get on in life.”

The Your Life campaign is being led by a group of leading UK companies and major employers including BAE Systems, Carillion, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Rio Tinto, Shell and Visa. This Corporate Advisory Board is central to the industry-led nature of the campaign and will ensure all activity directly correlates to the UK’s real recruitment needs. The campaign has also received the backing of more than 200 business organisations, many of whom have pledged to offer their support to young people interested in pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

For more information about Your Life please visit: www.yourlife.org.uk

About Your Life

Your Life is a three-year campaign to ensure the UK has the mathematics and science skills it needs to succeed in the competitive global economy. It looks to inspire young people to study maths and physics as a gateway into wide-ranging careers whilst also triggering employers to recruit and retain that talent.

Your Life is led by a board of directors chaired by Edwina Dunn, co-founder of dunnhumby and CEO of Starcount and including Martin McCourt, former CEO of Dyson and Ros Rivas, former CTO of Smith & Nephew.

The campaign is proud to be guided and supported by some of the largest and most iconic brands in the UK including BAE Systems, Carillion, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Rio Tinto, Shell and Visa. Over 200 organisations across business, education, civil society and government have responded to the campaign’s call to action and pledged their support to help get more young people studying and pursuing careers in mathematics, physics, technology and engineering.