Buy new and save on energy bills

A typical Barratt and David Wilson Homes street scene at Kingsbrook

Brand new research from Migrate found that Thursday 17th October* will be the date when the UK collectively turns on their heating, making it the peak energy season and when homebuyers will see their bills increase.

George Chalmers, CEO of auto switching service Migrate, which carried out the research, said: “With the nights closing in and the weather getting colder and wetter, time’s running out to switch to a better energy deal before the winter officially arrives.”

The majority (80%) of those surveyed said cost was the main consideration when it came to when to put their heating on, with just under half (40%) saying that they were delaying putting their heating on due to the cost.

Marc Woolfe, Senior Sales Manager at Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Thames, said: “Our new homes are significantly more insulated and therefore more energy efficient than older properties, so not only does this save our customers on their energy bills, there are also huge benefits to the environment.

“As the cold weather sets in, people are concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes and want to know they’ll be able to keep them warm in the winter without costing them a fortune.”

Customers at Barratt and David Wilson Homes will have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to spend a fortune on heating their brand new home. Barratt and David Wilson Homes creates high quality homes that are 65%** more energy efficient than an older house with modern day improvements and are built in a sustainable and responsible way to ensure buyers get the most for their money with a cheaper, greener and more energy efficient property.


Top tips for saving energy this winter


Stop draughts

Stopping heat from escaping through gaps could save up to £20 a year on energy bills. You can do this by buying draught-proofing strips around window frames and draught excluders for doorways.


Use radiator reflectors

Radiator reflectors help reflect the heat radiated from the back of the radiator back into the room and can reduce the energy lost through walls by up to 45%.


Move furniture

 While its nice to feel the warmth of the radiator on the back of the sofa, any furniture placed in front of a heat source will have an effect on its ability to heat up a room.


Set timers

Instead of cranking up the heat on the thermostat when feeling the chill, set timers to give a room adequate time to heat up before touching the thermostat as a boiler will heat up at constant speed no matter what.


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