Bypass Noise Mitigation – Final Chance

Many thanks to everyone who has expressed their views to Bucks County Council (BCC) both at the consultation events at the library and online.

The consultation period ends on Friday 4 January, so if you haven’t yet given BCC your views and you receive this in time, you can still respond. Note, it is one vote per person (over 18) – not household. Bucks County Council would like to hear from every individual over the age of 18 in Wendover in response to the survey on noise reduction for the bypass. Fortunately a problem preventing some people from responding was identified and the restriction has been lifted. So if anyone has been unable to respond (or did not appreciate that every adult could respond), please try again. The Bucks County Council consultation website, with all the information and the survey itself, is at (response forms can also be picked up from the library).Wendover HS2 are still recommending a very Low Noise Surface (vLNS). The principal advantages over barriers are:

  • It is more efficient at reducing noise – 786 homes will benefit – BCC say it offers the “greatest noise benefits overall”.
  • Nothing to see.
  • Quick to implement, no planning application required. BCC advise the work would be done at night in strips whilst keeping the road open to traffic.
  • Benefit is not affected by wind.

It also offers greater benefits than the alternative type of low noise surface (LNS). BCC say the money available will be sufficient for a 20-year life, but they have included such a large contingency (45%) that the final outcome may be better.

You can get more information from our website which also has a link to the BCC website where you can respond to the consultation.

Wendover HS2