Can Wendover Community Car Help You?

If you live in or near Wendover and have difficulty in getting about (or perhaps you know someone in this position) here are 12 men ready and willing to transport you door to door to anywhere you like! You can travel to the shops locally or further afield, to the hairdressers, theatre or the garden centre or perhaps to see family and friends for just a small donation. What’s more if a group go together from the same setting-off point to a mutual destination the cost can be split and become very reasonable – far less than a taxi.

This photo taken during a “thank you” lunch for Drivers of the Wendover Community Car shows 10 of our current drivers plus Joanne who organises their journeys. All journeys need to be booked in advance by ringing 01296-317769. The Community Car can accommodate up to 6 passengers at a time plus one wheelchair and at present there are spaces available for additional bookings.

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