Card Defenders and Signal Blockers

This is a message from  Val McPherson,  Vice Chair of Princes Risborough & District Neighbourhood Watch Association.

With the considerable increase in the volume and the variety of cons & scams, you may be worried by the increase in the upper limit for payments by contactless cards from £45 to £100 from 15th October 2021.  Retailers may choose to make the change at a later date.

We recommend that everyone carrying bank contactless cards should have one or more Card Defenders. This also applies to Oyster cards and students’ ID cards.

On most new credit or debit cards, you will have a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses RFID technology. This has allowed you to simply tap your card on card-readers to make payments of up to £45.  However, with this limit now being increased to £100, it increases the security risk. Criminals can create RFID readers with minimal effort and steal your details. They may also download an app into their Smartphones to achieve the same results. They only need to brush past your purse, your pocket or your wallet with their device to do this. You might not even notice it happening.

You can prevent such things with the Card Defender.  It is a sleeve holder that contains RFID blocking technology and it protects contactless cards from being read.

The Card Defenders are available from Princes Risborough & District Neighbourhood Watch Association for just £1.00 each, or 5 for £4.00, or 10 for £7.00 plus postage.

In addition, we can also offer Card Defender Diamonds.  They also provide RFID blocking technology, but as a single black card. They will protect contactless cards that are in alignment with it and within a 10 cms radius from the skimming device.  This then eliminates the need for multiple individual Card Defenders.  Our price for this item is £3.00 each, plus postage.

The cost of postage for Card Defenders or for Card Defender Diamonds will be sent out by either second class post which is £0.66 or first class post at £0.85 .

Defender Signal Blockers

Due to an increase in car thefts across the country, car thieves are using laptops and other electronics to boost a fob’s signal from outside a property allowing access to the vehicle, especially as new car models now have keyless fobs that allows entry to the car and  engine starting. This enable the thieves to quickly a silently drive the car or steal valuables from the car.
The Signal Blockers protects car fobs from these signal boosting “relay attacks” whether the car is outside your house or in a public car park, ensuring a vehicle and contents cannot be easily accessed.

The Signal Blockers pouch can also act as an phone pouch that blocks all incoming calls and alerts.

The Defender Signal Blocker size is 185 x 115mm and cost £4 plus £1.29 postage .

Delivery will be by post.

Please distribute this information to your neighbours, friends and family.

To order any of the above items please contact : Val McPherson on

Thank you