Care – carry us through

Care: Street Wardens organised the collection of essentials including food and medicines for our vulnerable neighbours.

These are some of the many Street Wardens who volunteered to help their neighbours. The photograph above shows them in front of Budgens.  The individual photographs shown below were taken in front of Lloyds Pharmacy. These were the shops they visited most frequently on behalf of the shielded or people who needed help for whatever reason. Some requests were more unusual, eg a litter tray for a cat, but everyone coped. More importantly, all the neighbours got to know one another much better.

Avril Baigent did general coordination for this group.


Lisa Kemp coordinated orders for Budgens. She and her husband Alec Kemp delivered food around Vinetrees and to some residents in Thornton Crescent every Thursday afternoon. They also looked after a group of residents in a general way.





Sandra Brooks has has diligently collected the pharmacy run for residents who couldn’t arrange online deliveries and who also sometimes needed emergency medicine at short notice.







Sandra was helped by Nigel Copelin to look after a group of residents. Nigel’s wife Margaret is also part of this warden team.






Miranda Gilpin, who moved into Wendover to look after her elderly mother, has been a stalwart of the Street Warden group She looked after a group of residents as well as volunteering to steward the one-way system at Wendover Market. Julie Evans helped Miranda to look after the group.







Louise Page and her son Sam Page have looked after a group of residents tirelessly since the end of March.