Care Matters….Right at Home, Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern

While the UK Government has so far failed to put forward plans to cure the care system, a cohort of new and innovative private care providers such as Right at Home continue to offer high quality, value for money in home care service that responds to more personalised care needs, rather than an historically high volume low margin approach to care.

When mundane tasks such as even making a cup of tea become difficult, it is difficult to select the right provider in a crowded market. So what should we be looking for when seeking help at home for the first time?
Safety first – CareGivers must have a formal security check (DBS), and be thoroughly interviewed with several positive references
Person-centred care – Tailored care plans should address the personal choices, goals and needs of individuals. Time and task orientated plans should be avoided, which give little input from the client.
Well led – How are carers managed, motivated and developed, to ensure that they deliver consistent compassionate care making a difference on each visit? What is the level of staff turnover? Are staff well trained and updated regularly?
Responsive – Will your care provider be quick to react, and calm in a crisis, with scenario planning in place for the most challenging of events, such as illness or family bereavement?
Peace of mind – How are families and loved ones kept informed of needs and care developments?
Rushed visits? – Visits should never be rushed with minimum visit times of one hour, to allow for trusted relationships to be firmly formed.
Uniform or discrete service? – Stigma about needing help tends to disappear if offered discretely from someone that is known well.
When to introduce care – Early intervention reduces the risk of crises, leading to hospital stay or residential care.

Giles Ellerton is the Managing Director of Right at Home Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern.

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